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Cost-effective CDN: The Best Option for you Business

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Content Delivery Network has paved way for accelerated performance of websites along with a wide audience reach. Through this article we will discuss various options like CDN free or cheap CDN or expensive CDN options available for you.

Operation of CDN

The prime motto of CDN is to reduce the geographical distance between the end user and host server as the distance is directly proportional to the latency. This is successfully accomplished by caching the static contents of a specified website to the edge servers, which are distributed across the world. This distribution enables the users to avail the necessary information in lesser time, due to diminished latency. How did the technology come into play? Let us have a quick look.

Evolution of CDN

Commercial CDNs are functional since the 1990s and have gone through numerous changes to become one of the most robust platforms for application delivery. It has adopted the alterations as per the demands of the market forces.

CDN operates in conjugation with the latest technologies and network architecture, which has depleted its pricing remarkably. In a few cases, you will also come across options that offer CDN free of cost, which restricts the availability of tailored solution.

Three Generations of Content Delivery Network

The series of transformations witnessed by the optimum CDN technology can be segregated into three generations. These are as follows:

  • Static CDN– This generation marked the initiation of the most versatile technology of the era. In this period, CDN offered downloadable files and static HTML with the origin push caching process. The network topology was scattered and had its focus on the performance. It was also highly expensive and was targeted to serve the corporate sector.
  • Dynamic CDN– This generation was a modified form of the previous segment and offered dynamic as well as static contents that were rich in media. It primarily followed a caching process of origin pull with a consolidated network topology. The prime focus of this generation was to enhance the website availability and performance. Though the price reduced from the previous generation, it was still expensive and was targeted to meet the needs of the business sector.
  • Multi-purpose CDN– This is the latest generation of the technology that can be accessed by any website present on the internet. It offers dynamic and static contents in a cost-effective manner. With highly consolidated network topology and caching method of origin pull, it focuses to present top-notch security, availability, and performance of the web pages.

Who Can Implement CDN into their Website?

CDN can be implemented by any business that thrives to offer uninterrupted service to the clients located across the globe. CDN is used to increase your user outreach without causing any latency in network. However, if you are operating a strictly localized business, it might deplete the performance by introducing irrelevant nodes between the user and host.

The implementation of CDN is increasing at an exponential rate to fulfill the demands of the diversified websites. Some of the web pages that utilize CDN to the fullest for successful operation are:

  • Media & entertainment
  • Higher education
  • Government portals
  • Healthcare
  • Online gaming
  • E-commerce
  • Advertising
  • Live streaming
  • Mobile
  • Banking

Advantages of Implementing CDN

CDNs are designed to accomplish multiple tasks that cope with the elevating IT needs. Some of the primary advantages offered by this technology are:

  • Enhances the uploading speed of your web page.
  • Disperses the traffic spike to deplete lag.
  • Blocks the malicious bots, spammers, and scrapers to protect the sophisticated data stored on the servers.
  • Covers a huge area that magnifies the revenue without any extra charge.
  • Reduces the bandwidth consumption, saving the budget.
  • Equally distributes traffic across the multiple nodes to balance the load.
  • Shields the webpage against DDoS attacks.
  • Secures the applications with enhanced usability.

Building Blocks of CDN

CDN consists of three elements, which contributes to uninterrupted access of your web pages. These are as follows:

  • Points of Presence or PoPs– CDN PoPs are a storehouse of numerous edge servers. These are basically the data centers that are distributed strategically to offer service to a maximum number of people. It diminishes the time taken to accomplish a round trip by bringing the content and end user closer to each other.
  • Caching Servers– These servers are responsible for mirroring and delivery of the contents of a website. It elevates the uploading time and also reduces the consumption of bandwidth. Caching servers or nodes have high storage capacity with sumptuous resources of RAM.
  • HDD & RAM– On the edge server, information is stored either in HDD or RAM as per the rate of accessibility. Since RAM has the fastest response rate, frequently accessed data is stored there.

Why is CDN Not Implemented by Default?

In recent times, Content Delivery Network has become an integral part of the web hosting service. However, the scenario was not same during the onset of this splendid technology. It was not only too expensive but was only accessible to the big enterprises. The trail of events continued since then, which is the reason for not implementing CDN hosting service by default.

A Technology of Reverse Proxy

Content Delivery Network implements a technology of reverse proxy. This refers to the deployment of CDNs at the backend servers. This enables your website to enjoy numerous advantages apart from offering contents at a lightning speed. Some of the advantages are:

  • Website security– It manages the intervention of the foreign resources from interrupting the operation of the sophistication information.
  • Load balancing– It enables the servers to distribute the traffic spike uniformly to eliminate the delay.


The acceptance of CDN is enhancing at a rapid pace for its numerous advantages. offers the finest services along with an option of availing CDN free of any charge. This has enabled all the enterprises to embrace the splendid technology and implement the pros to elevate the user experience. Explore the ever expanding online space and let it help you to offer the best uninterrupted services to your customers.

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