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What to consider when choosing a partner to run an IoT environment

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The widespread growth of Internet of Things technology is reshaping the way enterprises operate. Across industrial sectors, there’s a mounting push to strategically adopt IoT tech and use it to transform business processes. The enterprise IoT conversation is no longer about potential; it’s about concrete application.

But there are other key dimensions to enterprise IoT adoption that businesses can’t overlook, including security, storage and architecture. For many enterprises, IoT tech will challenge their existing infrastructure, especially in these three areas. Therefore, as companies look to modernize their operations with IoT tech, they should aim to choose hosts that offer environments built around flexibility, security and rapid evolution.

Evolving business use of IoT technology 

In 2015, there were 15.4 billion connected devices. By 2025, that number is projected to reach 75.4 billion. Pivotal to this rapid development is the increasing use of IoT technology across industries and business functions. While digital behemoths like Google and Amazon established the connected ecosystem, there are now many other players in the world of connected offerings. For businesses, this means a wealth of highly focused connected tools from which to choose.

According to Forrester’s 2016 IoT Heat Map, IoT use cases are already relatively common in sectors like customer order/delivery tracking and supply chain management. As the report revealed, one-fifth of surveyed enterprises in both of these sectors said they’re either planning to adopt IoT solutions or have already done so. But it’s not just delivery services and supply chain managers that are deploying IoT; Forrester’s report pointed out that IoT use cases span industries. In local government, for example, cities like New York are using sensor-enabled platforms and smart screens to connect citizens with real-time services.

Across sectors, IoT tools are fundamentally evolving business operations, allowing enterprises to bring an unprecedented level of optimization to the end-user experience. As we near a future of more than 75 billion connected devices, companies should plan to deploy IoT tech to remain competitive with industry peers. But in order to maximize their IoT investments, companies will have to surmount key hurdles that go hand-in-hand with adoption.

Challenges posed by enterprise IoT adoption

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