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Confirmit empowers global executives with new mobile insights

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Version 20 of Confirmit Horizons supports mobile-first for programmes while delivering greater agility and flexibility

London, UK and Oslo, Norway and New York, NY: 6th July 2016: Confirmit has answered the needs of increasingly pressured business and research executives to act on instant insight with the launch of Version 20 (V20) of its award-winning Confirmit Horizons™ solution. The latest release, coming in the year that Confirmit celebrates 20 years of profitable growth through innovation, includes a range of advanced features which take the platform to new levels of enterprise-level mobility and flexibility.

Confirmit Horizons now enables organisations to harness a range of mobile-optimised capabilities to help them view and act on feedback faster and more effectively than ever. Key among these are mobile optimisation for Action Management and Active Dashboards, two of the platform’s most powerful modules. In addition, business users have mobile-optimised access to Confirmit Horizons directly from the home screen of their mobile device, including access to responsive-designed dashboards, reports and custom action planning built in Reportal. Professionals can now access incredibly powerful feedback and research programmes on the move and, most importantly, they can instigate immediate action using real-time data.

Feedback capture is also fully optimised for mobile working. The Confirmit Horizons face-to-face interviewing module (Confirmit CAPI) has been enhanced to work seamlessly, both online and offline, across Windows, iOS and Android devices. Coupled with the Confirmit Panel App’s ability to leverage location tracking to understand key customer behaviours, and selectively trigger surveys for in-the-moment feedback, businesses have a real opportunity to capture more accurate insights to drive decision making.

Terry Lawlor, EVP Product Management, Confirmit, explained: “Organisations and individuals are increasingly reliant on digital and mobile technologies to access all kinds of business information, and customer feedback is no different. What’s more, CX and MR professionals are being challenged to work and report faster than ever, delivering nuggets of insight for quick business action.

“This means that wherever they are, decision makers need to make sense of the data they gather as quickly and easily as possible. Offering access to data collected from multiple channels, in a visually engaging, easily digestible and quick-to-share format is therefore essential. Confirmit Horizons Version 20 does exactly this, enabling organisations to continue to advance their offerings and react quickly to the changing needs of the markets and customers they serve.”

Confirmit Horizons Version 20 continues to lead the market for sophisticated yet easy-to-access functionality that large enterprises require to operate multi-channel, multi-lingual insight programmes. Two new modules deliver unprecedented levels of flexibility, with customers able to take control of their programmes to provide exactly the insights they need. Discovery Analytics empowers professionals to uncover deeper insights that can push strategic decision-making to the next level. Hierarchy Management provides easy-to-use interfaces for building and maintaining the highly complex matrix organisational structures found in large, global enterprises.

“Korn Ferry Hay Group is pleased to have partnered with Confirmit to design and deploy an advanced organisational hierarchy management solution within Confirmit Horizons. This new tool is delivering strong benefits to our clients running sophisticated employee feedback programmes”, explains Ben Hubbard, Director Europe for Insight™, Korn Ferry Hay Group’s employee survey research division. “In organisations where change is a constant, the ability to manage complex and often shifting hierarchy structures efficiently and accurately means we can deliver critical insights to our clients more quickly and flexibly.”

With V20, organisations such as Hay Group can achieve greater agility and flexibility with other new features and functionality that are proven to deliver richer insights and drive smarter decisions including:

  • Faster and easier creation of engaging surveys that reduce respondent drop-off
  • Greater productivity for telephone interviewing (CATI) programmes with new assignment and monitoring features
  • Easier building, reuse and sharing of powerful feedback reports
  • More flexible mapping and labelling of data fields in Confirmit SmartHub™
  • Improved collaboration and communication with greater capabilities to share reports and insight across an organisation via any device.

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