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Company Hamid Fabrics Ltd. selects IFS Applications

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The IFS, a global provider of software for the corporate sector, announces that Bangladeshi textile company Hamid Fabrics decided to implement IFS Applications 9. A comprehensive solution will provide production management, repairs, finance and logistics in the company’s headquarters and two factories in Bangladesh .

After a comprehensive evaluation of ERP-systems market, the company Hamid Fabrics’ opted for the solution of IFS Applications, recognizing its best to increase the efficiency of your business and improve customer service.

IFS solution optimizes manufacturing processes, making, dyeing and finishing of fabrics, while tailoring is 9 million meters of fabric a year, and painting and finishing -. 27 million meters per year.. The solution will also help the company in the future development of the dyeing and finishing processes, and spinning yarn.

On completion of the introduction, the solution IFS will also support the management of these important business processes such as finance, logistics, equipment repair. The configuration adds role-intuitive user interface IFS Lobby and visualizer IFS Manufacturing Visualizer.

“Hamid Fabrics since 1996, is one of the largest companies in the Bangladeshi textile industry, – said Managing Director Hamid Fabrics Pvt Ltd. Abdullah Al Mahmoud (Abdullah Al Mahmud) -. Thanks to investments in modern equipment and the latest technology we are in a fairly short period of time We achieved success and gained the status of one of the best companies in the textile industry Purchase IFS the Applications -. world-class ERP-system -. our next strategic step in the development of IFS solution meets all our requirements for managing complex production processes, and we look forward to the start of operation of the system. ”

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