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Companies need to wise up about IoT

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So you want to be an all-connected company? Well, you can join millions of others around the world. As we reported earlier this week, a Zebra survey found that European companies are proceeding apace with IoT deployment  – but the speed of the deployment is masking some serious concerns.

The Zebra survey found that there were plenty of companies well advanced in the process – 25% of European companies surveyed are already investing £3.4m or more in IoT annually, with 66% planning to increase that investment in the next couple of years. And plans are already far advanced, 83% of these companies think their IoT deployments are more than half complete.

But that’s really not the whole story. There’s been a rush to deploy IoT without thinking of the consequences – implementing IoT means more than just purchasing devices – and companies haven’t always considered what implementing IoT means in any detail. The Zebra survey found that 53% of European companies hadn’t implemented any plan as to how that IoT vision would be used – buying devices are only one part of the process.

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Article Credit: TechRadar

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