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Is Cloud a Viable ERP Deployment Option for Medtech Companies?

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Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP), with its promise of greater agility and the ability to reduce infrastructure costs, is becoming a viable choice in the manufacturing sector. In fact, research firm Gartner has observed that manufacturers turning to cloud ERP systems range from large corporations aiming to get divisions up and running quickly to small to mid-size enterprises seeking to increase value and improve the flexibility of their ERP deployments.

However, no one ERP deployment scenario fits all. This is particularly true for medical and diagnostic device developers and manufacturers who need to maintain robust quality control while complying with regulatory requirements.

As a result, it is important to consider not only the advantages of a cloud ERP system, but also the technical and financial tradeoffs among different cloud approaches. Additionally, many manufacturers may find they are best served by a hybrid deployment, combining cloud and on-premises components. Finally, some companies may require an ERP system that runs entirely on premises. The following are some of factors that medical device makers should take into consideration when evaluating the best ERP deployment for their needs.

Cloud ERP Advantages

Cloud ERP systems enable manufacturers to capitalize on three universal benefits of cloud computing. First is the ability to get up and running quickly. This is due to front-end time savings achieved by outsourcing the implementation, maintenance, and upgrades of IT hardware, system software, and daily support services.

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