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Cloud Vendors Leading the Charge in 2018

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No matter your business model or industry vertical, chances are you’ve already made strides into the cloud. While e-commerce companies led the initial charge in cloud adoption, any company seeking a technical edge and to create software and applications quicker than its competition now find itself at the forefront of the shift to the cloud.

Cloud is also an established component of IT operations. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), the form of cloud IT professionals most often encounter, is the key building block. In fact, our 2017 State of the Cloud survey found that use of IaaS nearly doubled from 2014 to 2016, increasing from 30% to 57%. The major cloud providers in use roughly reflected the market at large, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) at 52%, Google Cloud at 38%, and Microsoft Azure at 38% but a number of other providers also showing significant percentages.

And now that we’ve reached a certain level of comfort with the cloud, enterprises are mixing and matching different services from different providers. In our survey, 72% of organizations were using between two and five cloud providers, and 14% were using more than six providers. Only 15% were using a single provider.

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Article Credit: InformationWeek

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