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MAKESPACE, A WELL-FUNDED startup that emerged from the recent explosion of on-demand services companies, has replaced its CEO, the company confirmed to WIRED. Co-founder Sam Rosen has stepped down and co-founder and COO Rahul Gandhi will become CEO. The company says the departure, which has been in the works for the last month, was “completely amicable” and plans to announce the news Monday morning.

MakeSpace was founded in 2013 amid a surge in interest from investors and consumers in new on-demand services enabled by mobile phones. The company sold itself as a “cloud storage for physical stuff” a concept that contributed to some observers declaring the on-demand trend—”Uber for X”—had gone too far. Indeed, self-storage units for peoples’ junk are more of a tech-enabled service than a digital innovation, but investors took the idea seriously. MakeSpaceraised more than $57 million in venture funding from investors including NBA star Carmelo Anthony, rap legend Nas (Nasir Jones), and the investment firm of the Winklevoss brothers.

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Article Credit: Wired

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