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Why The Cloud And Internet Of Things Don’t Always Mix

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Cloud makes possible the Internet of Things, that global assortment of connected devices, sensors and systems. The cloud supports analytics and processing of all the data streaming in from the “things.” However, some industry observers question whether cloud makes it all more expensive and complicated than need be.

Margaret Martonosi, professor at Princeton University, suggests that processing data closer to or within sensors and devices — and not sending it out to the cloud — may accomplish more, in a more secure way, and more economically. “There are ways we could do better at designing edge devices to do more computation locally an send less data to the cloud,” she said at a panel discussion, part of the recent Princeton-Fung Global Forum, held in Berlin. “Right now, many devices are streaming data to the cloud. Most of the analysis, most of the intelligence, is being done there. It is easier to build systems that way, because you just need to keep the majority of your software in the cloud.”

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