Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

While cloud-based enterprise resource planning applications are more widely adopted in the Asia-Pacific region, some companies are still hanging on to on-premise systems that remain core to their business

Like most of its startup peers, Singapore logistics company Ninja Van was born in the digital age and needed a way to grow quickly while focusing on what it did best.

The cloud is a no-brainer to many of these organisations, enabling them to gain access to business software on a subscription basis without incurring high upfront costs and the need to maintain a large IT team to support the software.

Indeed, that was the basis for Ninja Van’s decision to look to NetSuite, a supplier of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, for its financial software.

“We don’t want the additional overheads of dealing with infrastructure and maintenance issues such as databases getting full,” says Shaun Chong, chief technology officer of Ninja Van. “We wanted to fully embrace cloud and push this work to the cloud provider instead.”

Since February 2017, Ninja Van has been using NetSuite to manage its finances across six markets in Southeast Asia.

With access to reports and dashboards, its finance team now closes the quarter in just one click compared to over an hour previously, says Raymond Chia, Ninja Van’s finance director.

“Moving forward, we hope to see better analysis of our financial data than when we were analysing things using Excel,” he says.

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