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Boers & Co see cloud ERP benefits without migration

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cloud ERP

cloud ERP

I have often spoken about why manufacturing companies should adopt cloud technology. There are some clear benefits. However, a recent conversation with an Epicor customer demonstrated that while cloud might be the future there are some clear benefits that manufacturers can take advantage of now with their original installation.

Boers & Co group is made up of two metal manufacturing firms. FijnMechanische Industrie is a precision engineering firm and PlaatWerk Industrie a sheet metal manufacturer. It has a proud heritage of more than 120 years. It has also been an Epicor customer for several years. ET spoke to Jos Greeve, IT Manager at Boers & Co FijnMetaal Group about the implementation and the benefits that the company has seen.

History of using the software.

Epicor first came to Boers & Co attention after the acquisition of a company that was using Epicor Vista. At the time Boers & Co were using the Dutch based, niche ERP solution UniSpeqs. They compared the two solutions and decided to consolidate on the latest Epicor release, Epicor 9 in 2013. A year later in 2014, Greeve looked to install Epicor 10 across both of the companies. That project was also a success and led to a case study with Epicor.

It was a project that delivered some impressive improvements for Boers & Co. The company used 12-15% less labour in its operations within a few months. It also reduced its turnaround time for products from 8 weeks to 3 weeks. What has happened since that time?

Greeve is now running a single implementation of Epicor across both companies. The users are spread across two sites. The obvious question for a multisite company is why havn’t they gone cloud yet?

Greeve replied: “At this moment Epicor is running fine on-premises. We have got the infrastructure for running on-premises. And I am not sure whether we are allowed to go to the cloud as we manufacture things where we need to sign documents where everything needs to be in house. I think within 4 years we will be allowed to go in the cloud, but it’s a long way before we are allowed to.”

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 Article Credit: Enterprise Times

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