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Cloud computing — fly high

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Cloud computing, in layman’s language, refers to remotely running workloads in a commercial provider’s data centre over the Internet. It is becoming increasingly popular today.

Big businesses wanting to curtail their expenditure, and small-budget enterprises, looking for more computing capacity, no longer have to spend on servers and expensive hardware. Cloud companies, with their network of data centres, deliver these services over the Internet.

Along with global leaders Amazon, Microsoft and Google, local players, too, encouraged by Prime Minister Modi’s vision of Digital India, are foraying into to this growing market.


In the last few years, cloud computing, as a technology, has undergone rapid changes.

According to IT experts, what the market is undergoing today, is actually the second phase of cloud adoption. Market research indicates that the vast majority of businesses using cloud computing in one form or another are moving from initial migration to architectural transformation.

It is estimated that by 2020, the public and private cloud market in India will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 30-35% year over year. Almost all stakeholders — cloud providers, system integrators, startups and channel partners are looking at a new crop of cloud-trained and certified workforce.

Skill requirements

Until now, cloud integration and architecture were primarily handled by IT engineers. Now the model is changing. Apart from integration of cloud technology with existing IT infrastructure, organisations require specialists in cloud deployment software, network monitoring, virtualisation, network infrastructure and server administration. The skillset needed also includes the ability to weave together solutions based on business requirements. Cybersecurity is central to the successful adoption of cloud technology, giving rise to the requirement of people with expertise in cloud security.

Opportunities and challenges

In the coming months and years there will be several job openings in the cloud space — not just in India, and not just by service providers.

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