Sat. Nov 20th, 2021

With the evolution in business operation technologies, every business has a reason to be optimistic about the possibilities that these advancements offer. Client portal technology is one of the best technological developments in business today. So, what is a client portal? For the sake of entrepreneurs who have yet to adopt this technology, it is a secure platform that provides clients with access to files and information shared by a particular business they buy from.

A great client portal has a group chat feature that increases collaboration and communication among the users. This could be between team members and the clients or suppliers. If you are new to this feature, you will want to know more to make good use of it in your business.

The Structure of Client Portal Group Chat

Unlike private chats, group chats are open to all members. When one member asks a question or makes a comment, all others will see it. In this regard, it is like a WhatsApp group chat.

Fortunately, reliable client portal platforms ensure that these chats are secure to avoid leakage of information and data to unauthorized individuals. Some platforms use SSL communication, which is similar to the security of a bank website.

In a company setup, an authorized person can start a group chat or disable it. The process involves particular settings and differs from one client portal software to another. Additionally, you can set what documents are shared on a group chat depending on what the business wants to achieve.

Benefits of a Client Portal Group Chat

    • Available on mobile phones – This is the era of mobile technology. When you have a digital solution, an app is unavoidable. If your client portal is already on mobile, then members can chat from wherever they are on their mobile phones.
    • Transparent and accountable communication – We all know that clients prefer transparent communication especially when they need clarifications. When issues and challenges are raised in the group, they can be discussed openly, and responsible people can give answers openly.
    • Enhanced customer focus – Customers feel they are part of companies that have group chats on their client portal platforms. They can discuss what makes them happy about the company and what they need to improve. With this, the overall customer experience will be better, and the company will grow at the same time.
    • Promotes teamwork – Client portal group chat is not designed for clients only; team members can also form their own groups to discuss work and help each other with how to serve the customers in a better way. This increases the efficiency of work and promotes teamwork as well.
  • Notifications – No team member or client should miss information discussed on a platform they are part of because notifications will keep them updated. So, ensure that your client portal group chat notifications have been enabled.


It is pretty easy and fun to use client portal group chats to improve client focus in your company or business. As you can see, they have numerous benefits. And if they are secure enough, you will never have to deal with security issues or data loss complaints from clients. For sure, this is a crucial feature in the client portal.

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