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Cisco: First-gen internet is ‘not fit for purpose’ for IoT

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The internet as it currently stands is “not fit for purpose” to engage the connectivity of things and machines, according to Cisco ANZ CTO Kevin Bloch, as mobility requirements will be subverted by the Internet of Things (IoT) and a complete re-engineering will need to take place.

“As we move to more machines being connected than humans, the first generation of the internet is not fit for purpose for the second generation, which is going to be calibrated far more by the Internet of Things,” Bloch told ZDNet.

Calling 4G, 4.5G, and 5G “the same damn thing”, he said humans will still want the same kind of connectivity, albeit faster, cheaper, and with more data — but on the other hand, IoT requires the exact opposite of current mobile technology connectivity in every way.

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