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CES: Cisco Demonstrates New Multi-Cloud Video Management

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Cisco Demonstrates New Multi-Cloud Video Management

Cisco Demonstrates New Multi-Cloud Video Management

Cisco Demonstrates New Multi-Cloud Video Management

Cisco Systems, which famously predicted a couple of years ago that 79 percent of all internet traffic will involve video by 2020, is demonstrating this week at CESin Las Vegas some new use cases for cloud-powered, app-driven video services, ranging from cloud DVR (digital video recording) to OTT (over-the-top) video and mobile- experiences.

Analysts and industry trend watchers all report that global service providers are busy virtualizing their network infrastructures and applications, using multiple clouds–or a hybrid cloud approach that include their own private cloud and public clouds–to simplify operations and speed time to market for new user experiences and services.

For example, a service provider might process video in Amazon Web Services, store it in Microsoft Azure, handle development work in Google Cloud and provide other services from IBM Cloud, Rackspace or its own private on-site cloud. Security and monitoring systems may be based in any of the above.

All of this—including web streaming—ideally should be controlled and monitored through a single management center, or else management can lose control pretty quickly.

For this type of management, Cisco is demonstrating to service providersits new Cisco Infinite Video Platform, a package that utilizes a virtual cloud stack to deliver what Cisco describes as “best-in-class, secured video experiences” to all consumer devices from one platform.

As the popularity of OTT streaming video to mobile devices continues to rise, service providers are increasingly focused on providing advanced services, such as cloud DVR, to enabling consumers to stream their video recordings from the cloud to any device over any Internet connection with touch of an app.

Cisco said that about 20 global service providers are already delivering and/or involved in public and private beta testing programs for cloud DVR services using its system. The company said that its Infinite Video Platform and cloud DVR services are currently being used to serve some 20 million subscribers worldwide.

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Article Credit: EWeek

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