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Check Out These 9 STEM-Designated Masters In Data Analytics

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The title ‘STEM-designated’ has become fundamental for international students looking to extend their US visas after graduation.

Students on STEM-designated masters can apply for a 24-month STEM-extension to their 12-month Optional Practice Training (OPT) period which allows them to work on a student visa. That means students on STEM-designated masters can work in the US for up to three years after graduation, without an H1-B visa.

Select master’s programs were approved for STEM designation in 2016 when the White House published a press release that requested stronger ties between STEM OPT students and universities. The announcement recognized the nation’s growing need for STEM-related jobs and issued a more flexible policy for graduate students enrolled in an extensive list of STEM fields.

The shortage of STEM professionals has made them highly lucrative in the labor marketstudents from around the world are certainly catching on to the employment opportunities that a STEM education can provide.

According to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the STEM field has the fastest growing and highest-paying jobs this century.

Combine the new STEM designation with trendy data analytics programs and what you have is a goldmine of potential. According to IBM, the US job market will witness 2.7 million new data and analytics job openings every year by 2020.

Here are 10 STEM-designated data analytics master’ programs that are sure to influence the next generation of business professionals

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