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In  layman’s term, affiliate marketing is an idea to promote others products through some affiliate channels and earn commission in case people buy products through your marketing.

According to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income “Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

Affiliate marketing is a great revenue source for ecommerce stores that helps in the visibility and awareness of the brand.

Who can be an affiliate?

An affiliate can be any person or a company who have their own website through which they can generate traffic through links and send it to the advertiser’s website.

However, this can also be done through social media platforms or websites. In this, an affiliate sends users to the advertiser’s website through Pay per Click campaigns that has been created by the affiliate on google, Facebook and other search engines. Of all these Facebook affiliate marketing is one of the most popular channels.

All this helps the affiliate to send the traffic to the advertiser’s site and receive the commission that has been agreed upon.

Advantages of affiliate marketing:  

There are various affiliate marketing benefits that an affiliate, an advertiser as well as a consumer can reap. The following are some of the benefits that one can receive through affiliate marketing:

  1. It helps the advertisers to create more awareness about their products and services. It gives them an opportunity to display their product on as many platforms as possible.
  2. The basic benefit for an affiliate that all are aware of, is that they can earn commission.
  3. If a good product is being promoted then a consumer also gets to know about it and the consumer gets the good product in hand.
  4. No money is being lost. If a sale is being made then both the parties that is an affiliate and the advertiser share the revenue.
  5. Most importantly, affiliate marketing greatly helps in increasing the eCommerce sales. In the days to come, companies are likely to see an increase in the channel sales. 

Channels of Affiliate Marketing:

There are various channels of affiliate marketing which an affiliate can choose in order to earn commission. Some of these channels are discussed below. You can start affiliate marketing using any of the below channels. For this you don’t need to have a product, you can just promote others products and can receive a pay.

  1. Blogs: Affiliate marketing through blogs has become a very popular way to earn a passive income. In this, bloggers place the affiliate link of the products of the companies in their websites. However, here the blogger will only receive the amount or income when any visitor clicks the link and purchase the product. 

Graphic links, banners, text links can be provided in the website as affiliate links. You should provide a good content to your readers to make them click on the links and purchase the product. If you can attract 500+subscribers that are engaged around your topic then there is a good chances and potential for you to earn through affiliate marketing.

  1. YouTube: There are a lot videos in this point of time in YouTube and so, it can be used for affiliate marketing very well. In this process, videos are created and affiliate links are provided in the video through overlay or in the descriptions. These two methods can be used to redirect the traffic to the affiliate landing page. If one is a serious content creator on YouTube then there is a great chance to have at least one affiliate offer. 

There are various types and formats of videos that a person can make on YouTube. But in order to generate affiliate marketing income there are some standard formats that one can use for the success results. The videos can be on product review, how to videos and best of videos.

  1. Facebook: Facebook is a crucial platform that impacts the choice that a consumer make while buying a product. Facebook is the most visited website and thus provides a large audience to whosoever wants to sell his or her product. Facebook affiliate marketing helps in generating the most effective sales and revenue as Facebook allows people to see the posts, updates, interact with them, comment and share them. 

The basic approach to start  affiliate marketing with Facebook is by sharing thing on your personal page. The more professional way is by creating a group. This will start with just a few followers and will grow from there. Try to provide useful information, products and services in order to gain trust and earn in turn.

  1. Instagram: There are a lot of Instagram users and it can be used as an affiliate marketing platform. Instagram engagement ranks above Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn as well. It is a great and growing platform to interact with people and share photos. Therefore, Instagram can be used for affiliate marketing. 

You just have to create a great profile, post every single day and work with brands that fit with your audience. You have to work on getting as many followers on Instagram as possible for the better results. Make use of more hashtags so that you can put your post in front of thousands of more people then against only your followers.

  1. Twitter: The user base is truly impressive. It is really simple. It involves short messages and allows people to follow other’s tweets. It is very important that you provide an affiliate link on your twitter account for what you are normally writing about. 

Adding an affiliate link that is not par with what you are writing then it is a waste of energy. Provide genuine recommendations to your audience in order to grab their attention. Your followers those who have trust in you will definitely  purchase if you provide the right information and a good product.

As discussed, there are various platforms to start with your affiliate marketing endeavour . However, the best one among them is Facebook affiliate marketing. The reason being the opportunity given by it to interact more, the large number of people on Facebook and see the product live. Therefore, one should try Facebook as an affiliate marketing platform and to generate income.

By Sohel Ather

Sohel Ather is Guest blogger; He focuses on actionable and unique ideas that can be used to grow your business and make a real difference for your customers.

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