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Changing Dynamics of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Starting from the black and white era, when the digital marketplace was unimaginable, the relationship that businesses shared with their customers ran deep and was more personal. Businesses knew the buying behaviour, buying cycle and even preferences of each of their customers and the exact offers that would impress their customers.

With the emergence of online marketplaces, while the economy grew; personalisation and customer relationship suffered. Of late, the businesses have realised the importance of brand loyalty and thus we see a lot of investment being done towards improving customer’s experience. As a result, a lot of new and innovative technologies are being developed to emulate the same kind of personalisation and buyer response as was there earlier.

For example, the need for modern-day AI based chatbots can be traced back to the need of people to interact with the business about products and having a direct connection with the business. In line with this, C-Zentrix has the Sticky Agent Feature which allows customers to connect with the same agent every time they call so that one agent knows the entire case story of a customer. The Omnichannel solution further gives the entire contact history that has happened across all channels for each customer, so the front end employees know the customer and have the full context of a call before it happens.

For making the customer’s work simpler and better a lot of technologies have been developed. Some of the products like CZ Mobile, CZ Guide by C-Zentrix are built to provide convenience of mobility and easy availability of all the important product and business information.

All the touch points like voice, chat, email, SMS, social, bot are integrated over the omnichannel, so that the businesses can offer an uninterrupted customer service to their end users and above all provide them a superior Customer Experience.

In this continuously changing era, most of the companies are always trying to give the most innovative and updated customer relationship management solutions to their clients so that, the end users do not suffer. Some of the CRM solutions are as follows –

1. Omnichannel CX

• It allows brands and their contact centres to deliver consistent CX

• It seamlessly integrate multi-touchpoint over Omni Channel platform

• It engages with the customers from voice to non-voice and digital channels

• It empowers the agents with the right context to improve FCR

2. Contact Centre

• Optimize the agent time with intelligent call allotment

• Scale operations with cluster-based architecture

• High availability with 99.99% uptime, virtually no downtime

• It gives all the tools to the agents on single screen

• Get advanced reports and optimise the operations

3. Marketing Solutions

• Expand the top of funnel with marketing solutions

• It helps to Integrate with SMS and Email support

• It reaches out to the customers on the channel they prefer

• It helps to track the lead lifecycle and automate the efforts

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Article Credit: CIOL

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