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The challenges big data poses to democracy

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Last week the U.S. Senate overturned regulations that blocked ISPs and internet companies from selling your private data to the highest bidder. This will make it very difficult—nay, impossible—to protect your online privacy. With the threat big data already poses to political neutrality, the chilling effect this has on our democracy could be far reaching.

Companies track your every click, your entire browsing history, every article you read and every person you talk to online. The shows you like, the goods you consume, the events you attend and the games you play are all collected and used by big companies to build as comprehensive an image of you as possible. This image of you is then used to sell you something.

Power of big data

The Observer recently discovered that U.S. billionaire Robert Mercer personally directed his data analytics firm to offer Brexit supporter Nigel Farage information to offer targeted ad campaigns to particular Facebook users in order to sway them towards supporting a yet vote on Brexit.

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