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Catherine Nuza
Catherine Nuza

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Born and bread in Gibraltar, a British colony on the southern tip of Spain, makes me incredibly lucky to have such a diverse variety of people, regions as well as cultures right on my doorstep.

Being a 33-year-old author has been an amazing experience for me in so many ways and has opened my eyes up to the complete process involved in writing and publishing my work.

From a young age, I always loved traveling the world with my family and learning about different cultures and beliefs. As I ventured out on my own at the age of seventeen to claim my independence, several life-changing experiences set me on a new path. The world of poetry, art, and writing captivated me and fuelled my passion for the arts and the various platforms and mediums I could create it in. Poetry has no limit, wasn’t rigid in its form or ruled by do’s and don’ts and so my abstract raw emotions were able to take form on countless pages. This became part of my identity and way of expression, but like with any part of who we are, it grows and changes with us. I started to write short stories when I was eighteen based on dreams, imagination or inspired by real events. Story after story, my voice as an author and my characters changed and grew with me, slowly evolving into a bigger, stronger voice.

Being an extremely visual person I carried on with other artistic pathways such as painting and photography. Photography for me was about expression and showing a contrast between the rough and polished, social issues or just for fun. I had several friends who were wanting to pursue modeling so there was a natural drive to complete photo shoots and find the best pictures of the day.

I never knew at the age of seventeen how every aspect of art can lend itself and become a story or the cover image of a book, but I do now. On the two books I have published so far you can see how I have used my photography as part of the cover design to give the books a unique visual quality.

I don’t think I could ever explain or find a reason of why I am an author, I just believe in fate and always knew that my words would play an important part in my life. I have never had writers’ block or run out of new ideas, in fact at any given time I have several plots for new books floating in the ether of my mind.

Even though I had written the bare bones of Psycho-Analysis: The Beginning when I was seventeen I decided to finish and publish it in 2017 with Publication Consultants. I had so much more to add to the story which seemed so incomplete as I had grown so much in my own experiences of life as well as in the complicated sector of care. I felt excited to flesh out the novel and as the days passed it grew into a full-length book. The characters were multifaceted, no longer a flat version but complex characters with backgrounds, experiences, and feelings.

I am thoroughly enjoying writing my first trilogy and can’t wait to have it completed for my readers. Expanding the world by using other books based in Dawn Vines or in one of my made-up neighboring towns such as Hags Cliff.

As a child I was surrounded by friends and loved socializing, playing games, making up worlds and having a blast. When I was alone I would live in my head for hours on end, thinking about amazing new places, drawing out the characters and where they would live. If I wasn’t sketching I was either reading or writing. I was amazed by the diversity that this world had to offer and was thirsty to learn anything I could about people, places, feelings, emotions, experiences and so much more. Even holding a Latin dictionary in my hands made me feel like I was looking into something new and exciting.

Now being married for one year my wife Angelique has been with me on this journey from the beginning of my publishing endeavors, having faith in my work and the stories I have created. She is an angel who has been an integral cog and helps me with the editing and writing of my books and every day continues to believe in me.

I have always been drawn to the psychopathy of what makes a person a psychopath and the whole debate of nature versus nurture. I think that the journey is the most interesting part of the psychopaths’ life and it is rare to find a trilogy which encompasses fully their experiences, relationships, environment, wants and needs. Therefore not creating a monster that is commercialised but rather a real psychopath and the way they grow and change in life and what makes them do such horrific things.

I am passionate about being a psychological thriller author and love to hear from my readers, their positive reviews and words makes my day. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a bit more about me.

By Catherine Nuza

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