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If we can’t trust Kaspersky, should we trust Microsoft?

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The past 10 years have made it clear that the internet – both the software that powers it and the software that runs on top of it – are fair game for attackers. The past five years have made it clear that nobody has internalised this message as well as the global intelligence community. The Snowden leakspulled back the curtains on massive Five Eyes efforts in this regard, from muted deals with internet behemoths to amusing grab-all efforts like grabbing still images from Yahoo webcam chats.

In response to these revelations, a bunch of us predicted a creeping fragmentation of the internet, as more people became acutely aware of their dependence on a single country for all their software and digital services. Two incidents in the last two months have caused these thoughts to resurface: the NotPetya worm, and the accusations against the Russian antivirus giant Kaspersky Lab.

To quickly recap NotPetya: a mundane accounting package called MeDoc with wide adoption (in Ukraine) was abused to infect victims.

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Article Credit: Aljazeera

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