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Cannabis CRM replicates dealer-customer relationship

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A cannabis CRM system is helping a medical marijuana delivery business replicate aspects of the traditional relationship between a pot dealer and his customers.

Farhad Doctor, founder and CEO of Sticky Thumb Delivery and dispensary in San Francisco, said that, while the cannabis CRM technology from WebJoint has automated most phases of his commercial operations, maintaining the personal connection is critical.

The software helps do that by enabling Sticky Thumb to store and update customer preferences and phone numbers for text alerts and put personal notes on customers’ accounts that give delivery drivers information to build relationships with customers.

“For decades, customers were meeting their friend down the street to buy a bag of weed,” Doctor said. “People are accustomed to having their weed guy be their friend, someone who they can talk to and joke around with, and we still need to keep that personal relationship.”

Beyond cannabis CRM, Sticky Thumb also uses a turnkey cannabis website from WebJoint, as opposed to a third-party site that many of the business’s competitors use.

Customers log on and upload their medical and identification information; Sticky Thumb then approves them, and they can shop the menu and place orders.

When a customer places an order, WebJoint produces an alert on the customer service employee’s phone or desktop, and the business dispatches a driver.

The AWS cloud-based cannabis CRM platform also serves as Sticky Thumb’s patient management and point-of-sale system, tracking inventory and all sales and taxes and generating loyalty point awards, coupons and special sales events.

“That generates excitement, knowing there’s a discount on this today,” Doctor said.

Also, the cannabis CRM’s business analytics function interprets sales trends and tells Sticky Thumb the volume of traffic on the site and how long their customers stay.

“There’s a lot of stuff that helps us operate our business more efficiently,” Doctor said.

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Article Credit: TechTarget

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