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Can Oracle Really Return To Significant Growth?

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Earlier this month, Oracle made a series of product announcements of some significance.

These announcements at the least allow Oracle to compete for new database workloads that had increasingly been migrating to both Microsoft and Amazon solutions.

The company also finally entered the emerging market for both Blockchain and for Container based development.

The company’s valuation is predicated on a continuation of low growth trends and reflects negligible operating margin expansion.

I think the advent of product announcements at Oracle OpenWorld will be a catalyst that will change the company’s organic growth trajectory which is not yet an expectation embedded in the share price.

Oracle’s Broadside in the database wars!

Last week, Oracle (ORCL) held its annual customer event, OpenWorld. Most of the time, OpenWorld passes quietly and offers little in the way of news for those hoping to gain an insight into Oracle’s next chapter. Last year’s OpenWorld featured company founder and CTO Larry Ellison throwing down a challenge to the company’s competitors in the data base world. Nowadays, Oracle’s most threatening competitors in the database space include Amazon (AMZN) and Microsoft (MSFT) that offer web-based solutions that are far cheaper than the products that Oracle has sold for many years. This year, Oracle formally announced what it calls its 18c database. I would rarely choose to write an article commenting on just another database from Oracle. It is after all what it does. I think, however, that this product is both innovative and has the potential to change the market dynamics for the company in a visible fashion.

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