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You Can Get A Data Analytics Job Without A Masters In Data Science

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A lot of people reach out to me. They needs jobs. But they’re asking about school.

Education is a pathway to employment, understanding and enjoyment. Still, there’s a time to leave school behind and live your life.

When people come asking for career advice, I always encourage them to define goals and look for the easiest and least costly ways to reach those goals. Since graduate school is neither easy nor cheap, I don’t encourage anyone to attend unless there’s a special and compelling reason (such as a desire to become a college professor, one of the few jobs that absolutely requires a graduate degree).

If you want a career in analytics, and you have a college degree, then I encourage you to get out there and look for a job in analytics.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently combing through job ads that use the term “data science” or “data scientist.” And I have a lot of good news to report:

  • Job listings are plentiful
  • A diverse range of employers are hiring
  • A generous majority of the job descriptions do not require a graduate degree

All of this hints that a person with a Bachelor’s degree, some worthwhile industry experience, and skills in statistics or programming gained through work experience, formal or self-study has a chance to get into the data science game right now while it’s hot.

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