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Can AI Become Our New Cybersecurity Sheriff?

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Cybersecurity AI

Cybersecurity AI

Cybersecurity AI- Two hospitals in Ohio and West Virginia turned patients away due to a ransomware attack that led to a system failure. The hospitals could not process any emergency patient requests. Hence, they sent incoming patients to nearby hospitals. It is due to incidents like these that cyber threats are one of the top concerns for several industry leaders today.

However, such situations can be avoided with modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI has already displayed limitless potential in various applications across different industries. Likewise, deploying AI for cybersecurity solutions will help protect organizations from existing cyber threats and help identify newer malware types too. Additionally, AI-powered cybersecurity systems can ensure effective security standards and help in the creation of better prevention and recovery strategies. Using AI for cybersecurity will give rise to data-driven security models.

Implementation of AI for cybersecurity

AI for CybersecurityNAVEEN JOSHI

Using biometric logins

Just before Black Friday, Amazon was targeted in a major security breach that compromised the email addresses and personal information of multiple users. Amazon officials claimed that users need not change their passwords, but Richard Walters, Chief Technical Officer CensorNet, didn’t agree with Amazon. He added that users have to change their passwords as most passwords are predictable, and some passwords are readily available on the dark web due to previous high profile data breaches.

Similarly, multiple cybersecurity experts believe that passwords are vulnerable to cyber attacks and users’ personal information, credit card information and social security numbers can be easily compromised. Therefore, deploying AI for cybersecurity has introduced biometric login techniques for secure logins. AI systems can scan fingerprints, retina and palm prints accurately. Such biometric logins can be used in combination with passwords that are already in use with devices like smartphones.

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