Building a good website is only half done in terms of reaching to the potential customers online, and the next most important half of it is hosting it well. However, most of the business owners and administrators lack knowledge about good web hosting practices even when they are aware of good web designing services. Hosting is a third-party service, and there are plenty of providers out there offering a wide range of hosting solutions.

If you ensure your website hosting is in a safer hand, rest assured is that your site will always be up for the public with optimum speed and performance. Dedicated customer support and guaranteed of maximum up-time are the two most important aspects to look for while choosing a good web hosting service provider. On the contrary, rushing to end up with random local hosting services, even though the service seems to be rosy with their offer, may ultimately put you into deeper, irreversible troubles.

As we’d seen, there are a large number of hosting service providers, but not all of them are the same. A wrong hosting service will mess up your web management, damage customer interactions, and ultimately end up in the loss of data or expensive service termination. In order to enjoy a successful hosting relationship, you have to be knowledgeable about admirable hosting practices and the apt hosting solution to choose. The tips here may help you to be more informed about web hosting services and be diligent to choose an appropriate service.

Know your needs at the first point

Before you search for hosting services, do homework as to identify your actual needs and business goals to achieve through web presence. The process of web hosting is almost the same with any provider as by renting some space; there are various combinations to try out based on the customized needs of different users.

So, it is inevitable to do baseline research to list out your need to be taken to a hosting service for an in-depth discussion about the solutions they can provide for your needs. They need to listen to you and have an empathetic understating of your priorities to offer you the best available service. Any branding agency NYC will also ask you to avail a good hosting service for your website to ensure top SEO and digital marketing performance too.

Let’s next to explore the top hosting options:

  1. Shared web hosting

This is the most primary and popular mode of hosting. A lot of websites are hosted in a single server by sharing the space. This is an apt choice for small business websites and blogs which run a limited budget. There are customized shared hosting options available now, which is the simplest and cost-effective mode of hosting now.

      2. VPS web hosting

This is another choice in web hosting service, where VPS stands for a virtual private server. Previously, shared hosting and dedicated hosting where the two options, and now VPN is an ideal middle-ground with the benefits of both. VPS is a single server, but ideally divided into many virtual machines, each acting as a dedicated server for hosting. In this mode, your website enjoys a larger, dedicated space. You also have greater control over hosting operations. VPS is also anytime scalable, to which you can add or remove resources based on your varying needs.

     3. Dedicated hosting

The is the optimal option available for corporate websites. An entire website is maintained to host your website. If the need for your portal is to handle a huge volume of traffic and also to handle seasonal surges, then dedicated hosting is the apt solution. The website owners have full control over the website architecture, security, choice of the operating system, load balancing, etc. at dedicated servers.

Some technical aspects to check for white availing any types of hosting services are Bandwidth, storage capacity, data transfer limits, available domains, email features, uptime guarantee, service support, security and backup, reliability of the service, etc. Moreover, you have also to compare it item-wise to see who offer the most cost-effective solution. However, don’t fall prey to the lowest-cost scavengers by compromising on the quality aspects as hosting is a long-term relationship to be made.

Why avoid free hosting?

Free hosting is another biggest catch in the hosting market, which many out there tend to choose. However, if you own a business website, then it is best to stay away from these free hosting traps for the following reasons.

  • No support

Being offered from free, the providers don’t offer any dedicated technical support. However, hosting is a time-critical service in which you need to get instant support in case of any issues. 

  • Ads

As some had said it right, nothing comes for free in this world. So, web hosting is also no free, but it wants you to agree for advertising through your portal. With this, they can try to get revenue by displaying ads.

  • No C-panel

Control panel hosting allows the users to have adequate control over your website, which free hosting services usually don’t offer. You may know, and without any dedicated support, you will always be in trouble with a need to make any changes to your website.

  • Overtime costs

Even though free to start with, these services may have a lot of hidden costs for add-on services, which may pop up at a later stage. What the providers offer for free is an only minimal level of services, and for anything additional, you need to pay a fair sum. However, by that time you will be bound to the service, and will not be having any alternative than paying this extra sum. Ultimately, when you compare the price of free service over a year or two with that of a premium service coming with dedicated support and basic add-ons, there won’t be much difference to find.

Along with these troubles which may show up frequently, you also may not have any FTP client or *.htaccess. Free hosting is also not ideal for an e-commerce website or high-traffic business portals. The security and backup facilities of free hosting services also may be substandard.


By Sohel Ather

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