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Mobile experiences throw open the door to new opportunities for firms to win, serve and retain customers

By the end of 2020, smartphones will be in the pockets of 91% of global consumers.

But the mobile channel is not simply another device for developers to support – it is the manifestation of a much broader shift to new systems of engagement that help firms to empower their customers, partners and employees with context-aware applications and smart products.

Mobile affects almost every area of the development shop, including infrastructure and operations, security and risk management, and enterprise architecture. Mobile experiences, while challenging to develop, throw open the door to new opportunities for companies to win, serve and retain customers.

Application development professionals are linchpins in firms’ mobile strategy-setting efforts. The reason is simple – everyone wants mobile. Organisations want experiences to engage customers, extend business processes, improve communication, extend the working day, speed decision-making, and so on.

Someone has to figure out which apps to buy, which apps to build, and how to make it happen – and that requires developers. The mobile mind shift is more than just an evolution in development platforms – it is an expansion of the customer journey from standalone interactions to becoming the choreographer of an ecosystem of experiences.

This demands collaborative engagement with business peers and creates a direct relationship with customers and employees. It also means revisiting acquisition and sourcing strategies.

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