Sun. Mar 21st, 2021

Companies are digitizing and pushing all their operational functions and workflows into IT systems that benefit from so-called ‘big data’ analytics. Using this approach, firms can start to analyze the massive firehose stream of data now being recorded by the Internet of Things (IoT) with its sensors and lasers designed to monitor physical equipment. They can also start to ingest and crunch through the data streams being produced in every corner of the what is now a software-driven data-driven business model.

All well and good, but who is going to do all this work? It looks like your company just had to establish a data engineering department.

Drinking from the data firehose

As a technologist, writer and speaker on software engineering, Aashu Virmani also holds the role of chief marketing officer at  in-database analytics software company Fuzzy Logix (known for its DB Lytix product). Virmani claims that there’s gold in them thar data hills, if we know how to get at it. This is the point where firms start to realize that they need to invest in an ever larger army of data engineers and data scientists.

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