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Brugarolas implements IFS Applications in all areas of new greenfield

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Lubricants company will implement IFS Applications in order to streamline and simplify their business processes.

Brugarolas has signed an agreement with IFS to implement IFS Applications. The growing customer demand and its presence in different markets has led to bet Brugarolas by IFS management tool.

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The current ERP we use is self-developed and so far was perfectly suited to our production needs, but the rapid development of the company as well as commercial, administrative and tax of the different markets we work needs, we have bound to vary from strategy to cover the entire time that demand , “says Juan Carlos Martinez, CFO of Brugarolas. ” Currently it is almost impossible to keep pace with the rest of the company. In addition, Brugarolas is a company of production, marketing and distribution of lubricants and want to focus on this activity , “says Juan Carlos Martinez.

With an area of ​​over 60,000 m2 and 136 employees, Brugarolas currently has a capacity of over 50,000 tonnes per year.

Brugarolas implement IFS Applications in almost all of its business areas, with the aim of streamlining the management of its finances, manufacturing, supply chain, CRM, maintenance, and HR. Also implement the module IFS business technology, allowing system integration, web services and mobile enterprise.

With its commitment to IFS Applications, Brugarolas seeks to have the greatest possible visibility in the management of the company with a single tool. ” After four years looking for the best alternative and analyzing various offers of ERP, we chose IFS because we believe it is one that can better meet the new challenges and demands “says Alberto Guede, CIO of Brugarolas. ” Flexibility in adaptation, commitment to new work environments, a cost commensurate with what is offered and received good commercial response, have made ​​our balance will tilt IFS Applications , “said Guede.

Connectis, partner of IFS, is the company responsible for implementing IFS Applications with guarantees.

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