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Brands Reveal How Analytics Drives Powerful Business Change

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Data has assumed a critical place in the arsenal of Australia’s marketers. The insights it provides and the visibility great analysis delivers on matters such like campaign performance is driving greater investment in data science.

However, it is important to get the fundamentals right, according to leading analytics professionals at some of Australia’s best known brands.

Data analytics leaders from Tourism Australia, Coles and NAB outlined their own unique challenges and the lessons they learned at Adobe’s Symposium last year. With this year’s event coming up quickly, it is timely to revisit their advice.

Take the example of Tourism Australia. According to Manjit Gill, Global Manager Digital Analytics and Optimization, his organisation faced the peculiar analytics challenge of demonstrating results without primary data on conversions. How could a company measure success without revenue data?

“At its core, Tourism Australia is a partnership marketing organisation — we do not sell anything online. We create interest and hand over the potential travel to our partners for conversion,” Gill told delegates.


That meant when customers were redirected to partners, Tourism Australia could not fully measure the efficacy of its marketing campaigns.

“While we knew where the users were coming from to our web site, and what they did on the web site, once they clicked on a partner link and left, we lost them,” Gill said.

In order to capture this insight and attribution, Tourism Australia relied on data sharing with its partners, according to Gill. This meant the organisation could create and share different marketing segments across different domains with its partners.

Of course, those partners had to be be equally committed to achieving results. “We needed a tourism partner who had the right technology, the right skill set and the right attitude. We found that partner in Virgin Australia,” said Gill said.

By creating a partnership with Virgin through Adobe Audience Manager, Tourism Australia was able to share data and enrich user profiles. Eventually this lead to better attribution and an improved customer experience. Gill explained how this meant campaigns could be personalised to customers and the right message could be sent to the right person at the right time.

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