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Bitcoin’s Volatility Is a Feature, Not a Bug

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Bitcoin’s Volatility

Bitcoin’s Volatility

Another suicide has made its way to media scrutiny, and crypto markets plummeting was promptly highlighted as the ultimate cause. It’s time to consider our mental health as investors in light of bitcoin’s infamous feature – volatility.

Bitcoin’s ”Death” Is Not the End of the World

Dear Reader, perhaps you’re considering a jump into the bitcoin investing pool. The waters, while choppy, seem warm and inviting. They are in a lot of ways. Prior to laying down any significant sums, it’s right and good to help you orient yourself for what’s ahead. First, you’re valued. That’s right. For decentralized currencies to work, we have to have a strange kind of faith in your being rational an actor enough to expand the network, either as an investor, hodler, or through development and mining aspects. You don’t have to be a good person necessarily, but you do have to possess at least slivers of our ethos, finding value in a trustless, borderless, payment system and currency. And that you do makes you valuable.

Contrary to portrayals in the media or government schooling textbooks, freer markets, quasi-anarchic systems such as bitcoin and crypto aren’t looking to gain at your demise. Just the opposite is true, in fact: everyone needs you to thrive, to do well. The more people having a great experience with cryptocurrencies, finding meaning within it in their own ways, the more innovation, growth, and eventual adoption. People feeling used, stupid, sorted as if this were some great Darwinian struggle for financial existence runs counter to literally everything bitcoin is about. That’s Old World thinking. That’s the Ponzi of fiat’s newer money getting into favored hands first, circulating down to the rubes later through inflation or redistribution schemes. That’s not bitcoin. That’s not us. We want you to see bitcoin/crypto as a long term project, and nothing like a get rich quick idea. You need to be very much alive to help us all get there.

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