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Bitcoin Has Now Forked Almost 70 Times

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Forking bitcoin used to be a rarity. Then it became the norm. And then it became a meme, with anyone and everyone forking bitcoin on a weekly basis. There have now been a total of 69 bitcoin forks plus another 18 altcoin forks. Holders of bitcoin, monero, ethereum, and litecoin can claim almost 80 additional coins for free. Whether it’s worth their time to do so, however, is another matter.

Fork All the Things

It’s widely known that ever since bitcoin cash launched, the quality and value of subsequent forks has been deteriorating. What’s not so widely known is just how many forks there’s been. The likes of Bitcoin Coral, Bitcoin Sudo, and Bitcoin Star aren’t exactly household names. Nor will they ever be. Like most of the bitcoin forks to be found on’s exhaustive list, these coins don’t have exchange listings.

For anyone with a passing interest in forks, and who’s considering claiming some of these coins,’s resources include guides to claiming them and sections on passive and active airdrops. For those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy, there are sites that will help you claim your free coins – in return for a cut. Whether these coins are worth claiming, with or without a commission attached, is debatable.

How Much Are Your Forked Coins Worth?

Of the 69 bitcoin forks to date, just 10 are tradable on exchanges. Combined, these have a value of  $941, or around 0.12 BTC. Take bitcoin cash out of the question and you’re left with only $206 or 0.026 BTC. Unless you’re sitting on a trove of bitcoins, claiming these forked coins simply isn’t worth it. And for those who are blessed with a bountiful supply of BTC, moving them, and risking exposing your private key on a third party site, to claim an additional 2.5% of BTC simply isn’t worth it.

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