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#BigDataSummit: All the key stories from V3’s Big Data Summit

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#BigDataSummit: All the key stories from V3’s Big Data Summit

V3 Big Data Summit: V3 has been running its Big Data Summit all week, offering news, features, analysis and video content looking at numerous facets of the big data market.

Here we round up the key stories from the week to ensure you don’t miss out on key insights and information on this trend-setting topic.

You can also watch the V3 video webinar hosted in conjunction with Pentaho by signing up for free and watching on demand.

#BigDataSummit: Businesses must adopt big data to survive the digital era

Big data

Experts from Pentaho and Accenture discussed how enterprises can best tap into big data during a video webinar seminar that you can watch again for free, on demand.

#BigDataSummit: Adopting big data analytics will help SMBs join the big league

Big data

The flexibility and agility of SMBs is perfect for big data use, experts say, particularly as the smallest change in an SMB can have the biggest impact.

#BigDataSummit: Imperial university opens big data observatory to boost analytic insights

KPMG Data Observatory map image

V3 visits Imperial College London’s Data Observatory that aims to bring a “military situation room” take on big data insights with a huge video display.

#BigDataSummit: DataKind urges charities to take advantage of big data benefits

Concept image of businessman with big data

DataKind explains to V3 why charities should consider the use of big data to make the most of their funding and understand exactly where their resources are best placed.

#BigDataSummit: Firms recognise big data benefits but are slow to act

Big data

A survey showed that numerous factors still cloud thinking on big data tools but that there is a growing awareness that they can deliver real-world benefits to business operations.

#BigDataSummit: Oxford University and Emirates launch data science lab

Emirates aims to improve big data use with Oxford University partnership

Big data, machine learning and the IoT came together as Oxford University and Emirates teamed up to bring their knowledge and data sets together to find more big data insights.

Open source and business processes key to big data analytics future

Big data

Enterprises need to consider how analytics will fit into their business operations, according to Pentaho’s EMEA director of enterprise solutions, Wael Elrifai.

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