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From Big Data Analytics To AI: Vodafone And Celonis Mine Data To Improve Business Processes

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What if you could put your company through an MRI scanner to get a detailed picture of how well your processes work, see the bottlenecks, and understand the causes of delays, unnecessary costs, and lost productivity?

“What we see with Celonis is an X-Ray picture, the ‘as-is’ situation, allowing us to identify issues and design a better process,” says Israel Exposito, global process lead for big data process mining at Vodafone.  “With Celonis, the data speaks and tells us the cause of the problem,” he adds.

Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, with 470 million mobile customers, 14 million broadband customers, mobile operations in 26 countries and fixed broadband operations in 17 countries. Each year, it processes more than 800,000 purchase orders, 5 million invoices and 40 million assets.

To help companies manage this kind of volume of transactions and activities running through numerous business processes, Celonis was established six years ago in Munich, Germany. In June 2016, it has raised $27.5 million from venture capital firms Accel and 83North, primarily to fund its expansion in North America. Obsessed with efficiency, Celonis’ goal is to “create organizational footprint automatically from process data,” says Alexander Rinke, Celonis’ cofounder and co-CEO. Pursuing their mission to “make the world more efficient,” they have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in operational costs for the likes of Bayer, Siemens, SAP, Dow, Deloitte, Siemens, and Nestle.

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