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Big data is actually ‘Bigger Data’ now for healthcare, Berkeley professor says

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Stefano Bertozzi, dean and professor of health policy and management at the UC Berkeley School Of Public Health, likes to use a slightly different term for the Big Data. He likes to call it, “bigger data.”

“Healthcare data is getting bigger all the time,” he explained. “Just look at EHRs alone: Medical records becoming electronic, with the ability to access vast amounts of data about patients and the health system, is increasing rapidly. The rate of change in terms of how quickly we are digitizing data in the health space is astounding. And when you start to combine that data with things like human resources, supply chain, characteristics of clinics and hospitals, provider training, reimbursement schemes – it just gets bigger.”

Consequently, that enables a health system to start to be able to put together a much more compelling picture of itself, which then can help the health system figure out what the determinants are for high performance to make the system better, Bertozzi said.

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