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Big Bang ERP Opens Their First International Office in The Heart of Ebene CyberCity, Mauritius

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EBENE CYBERCITY, Mauritius, April 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Big Bang ERP, a Canadian-based cloud solution consulting firm opens their first international office in Mauritius to better meet the demands of their clients around the globe. A 4-Star NetSuite Solution Provider, Big Bang ERP also specializes in Salesforce, Rootstock, ServiceNow and other industry specific softwares to tailor scalable solutions for every industry.

According to Mark Rhyman the Co-CEO and Chief Business Development Officer at Big Bang ERP, they chose to open their second office in Ebene CyberCity because of the amazing talent and it’s perfectly located time zone.

“Mauritius is a central hub where the skill set is incredible. Everyone is bilingual and returning graduates from prestigious universities worldwide. Mauritius is like the Singapore of the Indian Ocean, it allows us to adequately serve our European, African and Australian customer base,” said Rhyman.

“Appointing Jeek was a natural progression considering his remarkable level of education and business experience. We originally needed someone with the right mindset to step in to help us with our EMEA clients but, one thing led to another and a few coconuts later, he was the perfect fit to run our new Mauritian office,” said Rhyman.

Jeek knows what it takes to be successful; with over five degrees and certifications from prestigious universities, he is more than qualified to successfully multitask between Big Bang ERP, being a successful author and a member of Mensa.

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