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Beyond SAP Cloud Platform’s multi-cloud stamp of approval

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Sapphire Now brought some insight on SAP’s multi-cloud plans, but details were hard to come by. Dick Hirsch goes on a post-Sapphire deep dive to explore what multi-cloud means for SAP customers.

Note: SAP CTO and President SAP Cloud Platform Björn Goerke is speaking at the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley – there are also a variety of sessions from SAP at the event.  My assumption is that multi-cloud support will be an important topic at these sessions.

At the recent Sapphire conference in Orlando, one of the main points of interest was the support of multi-cloud functionality in the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP).  As I followed the coverage of the announcement, I got the feeling that SCP’s support of this functionality was often depicted in a superficial fashion as some sort of a stamp of approval –a checkbox in a list of mandatory capabilities for a modern Platform as a Service (PaaS).  What I missed was a deeper coverage of the topic. What exactly did this functionality bring to SAP customers?   This blog will explore “multi-cloud” support in general as well as it how specifically relates to SAP’s cloud strategy.

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