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File-bot is a film, animation, or television organisation and renames programmes. It is also good to collect movies and television subtitles that you downloaded. TV titles are immediately extracted and Open Subtitles can be retrieved from cinematic collections. Well, you can see 5 tools that can quite easily replace filebot.


This is a different project, although the name resembles the first item on this list (TV Rename). However, as opposed to Filebot, it’s also completely free to use and open source. The lame, complicated, and complex file names that you downloaded will be taken up and cleaned automatically and made easier to arrange and more attractive. You may use the program to rename numerous files at once and define the parameters for renaming your files. The version for Linux, Mac, and Windows is 32 and 64-bit.


What if you just need an anime Filebot alternative? Filebot is mostly built for TV series and movies but is also designed for anime. Shoko Anime is an animation-only file management application, however. This allows you to extract data from the database and add information on every anime file to your library, including serial information, character, and associated series. It also supports you in managing your animation files.


Advanced Renamer is a program to set up renaming procedures to rename many files in a simultaneous manner. You can alter names, attributes, and more using 14 distinct methods. If you’re searching for a file-bot alternative that goes beyond TV, film, and animation, Advanced Renamer is a good application. It lets you customize the application to rename any type of file – for example, it’s wonderful to rename and create thumbnails for all your pictures.


You can use MediaElch as an alternative to Filebot if you are using Kodi. He’s a media manager and a tool to rename. It is possible to generate NFO data for Kodi, automatically download fanart from Fan Art TV, and more.  MediaElch enables music and concerts in addition to TV and media, making it an excellent option for Filebot if you want to concentrate on this. MediaElch can scrape data for your music files if you have a music library. You can export all your data in HTML format as well as renaming the files into your directory.


Rename-It! is a utility to rename numerous files simultaneously. If you wish to rename files that aren’t films, and you have an ancient OS such as Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista, this is a decent alternative to Filebot. Please remember that you really should not use this software if you have a recent operating system..You may use filters to search and substitute file names, you can construct all uppercase / lowercase file names or you can create sections of file names for shortening and simpler organization.



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