Sat. Nov 20th, 2021

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to simplify planning and sales cycles.

The best ERP software, to make it simpler and easier to manage your inventories, resources, and sales products.

This is especially important for enterprises with a large product turnover with multiple data points.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software itself can now be provided as a SaaS platform, making it easier to manage. This also means ERP software can now be accessible from mobile devices such as smartphones, meaning you can keep on top of inventories, orders, and suppliers on the go.

Additionally, the best ERP software will allow for integration with different marketplaces, so that you can ensure stock is accurately accounted for across your own business website as well as partners, affiliates, and third parties such as Amazon Marketplace. It should also be able to automate repeat orders, or at least allow for that, when stock levels begin to run low.

While there are many types of software that aim to do this, the difficulty comes in being able to find a platform that can properly cater for a wide range of needs, without sacrificing in terms of quality or productivity.

Here then are the best enterprise planning software providers, to help you properly manage your sales, inventory, and associated business processes.

1. Veeqo

Best all-in-one ERP software platform

Multiple integrations

Mobile support
Centralised platform
Can take some getting used to

Veeqo has developed a comprehensive all-in-one planning and resource management software platform for businesses in the retail industry.

Running an online store can be complicated, especially when it comes to managing orders and dispatching items. Veeqo automates this process. Available on both web and mobile, the service lets sellers track orders, inventories and finances.

It also offers a variety of helpful integrations. For instance, if you’re an online retailer selling items on platforms such as Amazon and eBay, you can combine all data from these sources in Veeqo. That way, you avoid the tedious process of having to manage separate reports for each store.

The Accelerator plan includes over 20 shipping integrations as well as 10+ sales channels you can sync your inventory with. The next tier, the High Growth plan adds purchase forecasting, user permissions, and returns management, while the Premium plan adds digital picking, stock transfer, and wholesale support.

Although Veeqo’s pricing may initially look expensive, it’s one of the few companies to actually advertise flat-rate pricing, so you know how to budget for it.

2. Aptian ERP

The popular ERP software platform

Easy way to manage and sell goods
iOS and Android apps
Lack of integrations
No details on pricing

Aptian offers a range of industry-specific ERP software platforms, designed for importers, distributors and manufacturers to manage consumer goods. Available on Mac, Windows and Linux machines, Aptian ERP gives users a real-time, visible way of tracking all aspects of a business in order to make more informed decisions.

It provides companies with on-demand access to business performance data, financials, sales and profitability analysis, all of which aim to help transform business intelligence processes. More specific for manufacturers and retailers, the system can log and track scheduling, labor, costing and sales.

Aptian ERP is fully cloud-based, so data is always backed up. Like Veeqo, users can access some features via a mobile app. The firm has iOS and Android apps that provide easy access to product catalogs and sales data.

Unlike Veeqo, however, Aptian doesn’t publish flat-rate pricing and you will need to contact the company for a quote

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