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Best CRM Software to Choose
Best CRM Software to Choose
Best CRM Software to Choose

Best CRM Software to Choose- Businesses live and die by their customers. Build a healthy customer relationship, and you’ll thrive. But, consistently offer sub-par experiences and your business will fail, no matter how great the product. One type business software is centered entirely on tracking and addressing this core business need: CRM, or Customer Relationship Management.

With the right CRM, you’ll ramp up your ability to convert leads while cutting down on churn at the same time.

Not only is the CRM software market competitive, with over a half dozen top-quality options available, but the array of features and add-on integrations can be confusing. Each CRM is different, with unique functions and potential extra costs.

Which is best? We’re glad you asked.

Best CRM Systems to Choose

Finding the right CRM is a task that depends on your specific needs: The best CRM option for you will offer the features you need at a cost that justifies your purchase. You can check out Tech.Co’s explainer ‘What is CRM Software?‘ for more information.

Once you’re ready to comb through the top CRM options, read on for our overviews (or click on each vendor title for an in-depth look).

  • Salesforce— The biggest and best known brand in CRM, and one that’s trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. It combines various platforms, such as Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, for its different functions, and has a modern, simple interface plus powerful data functions.
  • Hubspot — A “freemium” CRM service, this software’s basic package is available for free, and comes with a simple learning curve. Additional platforms address more specific CRM categories, such as marketing or sales. This is a good option for businesses just dipping their toes in the CRM market, though they’ll need to upgrade to a monthly payment plan to access the most worthwhile features
  • Microsoft Dynamics — A great choice for companies already well-versed in Microsoft products, this offering comes with features beyond just CRM: It can provide an integrated platform for finance and talent recruitment as well. However, third-party integrations beyond Microsoft are limited.
  • Zendesk — Originally known for its ticketing and call desk tools, this software also helps usher leads down pipelines and close deals. Structured as a suite of apps under a single platform, Zendesk lets users pick and choose which features to focus on, and integrates easily with other CRM services. A good pick for a business in need of a customer support desk for tickets, live chat, and phone.
  • Zoho — A feature-rich CRM option with support plans that scale with a business: The smallest plan is free and available to three users, while the mid-tier plans offer access to unique abilities, most noteably an AI that analyzes sales data to form predictions. It supports 20 languages, making it an attractive option for international operations.
  • Apptivo — This CRM is a serviceable option that no-frills customers should enjoy: It includes the basic features in a simple, intuitive interface with a low learning curve. Strong security options are a stand-out feature.
  • amoCRM — This CRM offers the basic CRM features and it also supplements them with robust integration options for third-party apps from Facebook to MailChimp. With just three service plans, all at a low price point, amoCRM is an easy-to-understand option.

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