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Android is a very popular operating system and used by many manufacturers, including Samsung, HTC and LG. Most of the time, devices that are available in the market are not rooted. From adding trusted third-party apps too much more, having root access to your device can be great. The question of whether you should root your phone or not is always been asked.

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Androidcentral puts it really well with the following when asked if people should root their phone. “Yes. No. Maybe. All three answers are perfectly valid. People have different reasons to want to root their devices. Some do it just because they can — they paid for the hardware and think they should be able to do anything they like. Others want to be able to add things that aren’t there, like internet servers or be able to “fix” services that are there but don’t work the way they would like them to work. People might buy a phone because they like the hardware, but hate the software and want to change it. Mostly, people root their phones because they simply want to get rid of the extra things on it that they don’t want. Every one of these reasons — as well as any reason you might have that aren’t mentioned here — are the right reasons.”

By Rooting Android Devices, you may Get Some Benefits

Unlock hidden features: Often, Android OS doesn’t provide all the options you need. Some apps can be incompatible or blocked. After being rooted, your Android device will be able to install previously blocked apps, which are not allowed by the carrier.

Automation: The Tasker app allows you to automate many things on the device. The app should work well, even if your device isn’t rooted. But, you can get more Tasker features enabled by rooting the device. Certain tasks, like turning the display on, changing processor speed and toggling 3G require root privilege can be controlled by the app. You can get the complete benefits of the Tasker app if the device is properly rooted.

Faster performance and longer battery life: If your phone is rooted, you will get a boost in performance and battery life. SetGPU apps works only on rooted device. Depending on your requirements, you can push the hardware to work harder. You may also underclock the hardware for longer battery life. This is a good thing to do if you do only basic tasks with your phone and the hardware is too overpowered.

Ads can be blocked: If the phone is properly rooted, annoying and unwanted ads can be blocked quite easily. After you root the device, you can install Ad Away, AdFree or AdBlock Plus.

Easier to backup data: If your phone is rooted, you can back up any data, including apps, documents, music and files. This will be useful if you plan to purchase a brand new Android device. It should be easy to restore your old data to the new device. Titanium Backup is an app that works better on rooted devices. You can delete cache files and remove any battery-draining apps.

Better customization: Rooting is definitely for you if you love to change phone themes and skins. Users may also replace default styles and change keyboard layouts. Multitasking features should work better when the Android device is properly rooted.

Fresh installation of custom ROM: Custom Android ROMs often provide various enhancements, such as overclocking settings, simplified interface and efficient hardware utilization. Cyanogen is the most popular ROM for Android devices.

From the above mentioned you can see that there are benefits of rooting your device. It’s advised that you do it on a device that you don’t use daily just in case you come across any trouble. If you haven’t got an Android device and fancy trying some rooting in your spare time, you can get a device from fonehouse. They offer some cheap deals on some of the latest devices.

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