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Important Things to Know before You Start Incorporating SMS into Your Brand’s Communication Stratagem

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SMS is the abbreviation used for short message service. SMS marketing is all about sending promotional and marketing messages to existing and potential customers through the use of text messages. We know that social media platforms like Twitter and even messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp are competing aggressively alongside SMS marketing for grabbing consumer attention on mobile phones. Despite being well past 25 years old, the humble SMS is here to stay. Thanks to its incredible staying power, you simply cannot undermine or overlook SMS while chalking out an effective mobile communication campaign or strategy.

We understand that over 95 percent of adult citizens in the United States are having their mobile phones as pointed out to us by Pew Research Center. However, the number of SMSes shared between one individual to another has been declining and many critics regard text messaging as well past its prime. However, many digital marketing specialists feel that SMS is still quite a versatile mobile messaging tool that could prove fairly useful for businesses. Thanks to the digitalization of every aspect of your life, you have easy access to a host of invaluable data and information. Most nonprofit organizations and businesses must focus on mobile-first as an integral winning strategy for boosting your brand. Here are some of the things to consider.

Seek Permission before Implementing the SMS Stratagem

You must acquire the necessary permission before you start sending text messages to the users. Otherwise, you would be penalized or fined for spamming people and that could ruin the reputation of your brand. You simply cannot break the existing law. You must motivate opt-ins by being clear about precisely what subscribers could expect.

Be Sure of the Rules

The CTIA or the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association necessitates SMS marketers to incorporate ‘msg. and data rates apply’ into all auto-reply messages. Most of the text message marketing services would be incorporating this disclaimer automatically.

Remember Less Is Supposed to Be Always More

Experts recommend starting the campaign with four to five SMSs every month and gradually increasing the frequency to ten messages per month provided the text messages are providing real value to the consumers. You must constantly keep track of unsubscribers for identifying the sweet spot specifically for exclusively your subscribers.

Be Sure to Know & Understand Your Target Audience

As per, you must certainly understand the psyche of your target audience. You must understand their behavioral aspects by finding answers to vital questions such as are your target audience 24×7 on their phones? Are they having a preference for phone calls or text messages? What could be the most effective way of reaching your target audience, as far as; time-sensitive issues are concerned? Once you find the right answers, you would be able to understand what is going on in the minds of your target audience.

Chalk Out an Effective Promotion Strategy 

You must ensure that you have a perfect plan for marketing and promoting your specific text group and encouraging people to go ahead and subscribe. An effective text campaign implies creating a perfect mobile database of individuals who are opting in for receiving your messages. SMS could work wonders provided it is used as an integral aspect of an Omni-channel stratagem. You could maximize the ROI provided you are able to generate a seamless experience across email, SMS, and even social media platforms. You may seek professional assistance from a reliable SMS Text Messaging API for a prompt and perfect delivery.

However, texting may not be the right choice for every business. If the target audience comprises older people who find it difficult to do texting, you would have to choose effective tools they seem to be comfortable handling. In the case, you have no time for building the subscribers’ list or for effectively promote your CTAs, in such a situation; texting would not work for you. It may not be the ideal communication tool for your business.

SMS Marketing Best Practices for Proper Communication with Your Target Audience

There are numerous key ways your business could be leveraging SMS for reaching and engaging more and more individuals. Here are some of the best practices.

In the Case of Text Marketing

When utilizing text marketing, you have to mandatorily receive consent before you could consider sending out the promotional text messages as SMS marketing is basically permission-oriented. You must also, watch out and keep track of the SMS frequency. You cannot send too many text messages and risk irritating your target audience so much so that they may go to the extent of unsubscribing. If you send very erratic or just a few text messages, you could lose golden opportunities to impress your target audience and push conversions.

In the Event of Customer Notifications

While utilizing text message to act as customer notifications, this could be a brilliant opportunity to capture customer attention and effectively engage them. You must essentially use your brand’s unique tone and voice in the text.

For the Purpose of Internal Communications

When you wish to use text for the purpose of boosting internal communications, you have to do proper segmentation of your audience so that you could send the relevant messages to the right group at the perfect time.

For Effective Political Campaigns

SMS marketing plays a pivotal role in political campaigns. SMS marketing is now an integral part of political parties’ arsenal of tools for driving registrations and getting the vote. We know that P2P texting would aid political campaign’s reach, as well as, engage the audience while mass SMS providers would be allowing such campaigns to effectively send bulk messages to the subscribers who have opted-in.

For Nonprofit Fundraising

While utilizing text for the purpose of nonprofit fundraising, it is mandatory to consider educating all your potential donors on ways to text effectively to give. You may consider choosing easy-to-remember keywords so that they could text message and make sure that your precise text CTA is incorporated seamlessly into all your channels.


You must seriously consider including an SMS marketing strategy into your overall brand promotion and marketing strategy to boost conversions. You must follow the above-discussed SMS best practices in the varied situations for making sure that all your text messages are effectively received by your specific target audience.

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