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It’s back on – SAP SuccessFactors HANA migration take 2

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Will SAP SuccessFactors ever complete the planned migration from its original BizX stack to run on SAP’s own HANA database? I’ve been tracking this long-running saga because I believe it will be an important proof point for HANA’s ability to run a high-volume, multi-tenant application at scale. It’s also a matter of interest for SuccessFactors customers because, although to some extent this is an under-the-hood issue that shouldn’t directly impact them, they will want to know whether there’s going to be a noticeable impact on performance and functionality.

So the question was top-of-mind yesterday when I met Amy Wilson, Head of Product, SAP SuccessFactors, at the Unleash show in London. Especially since, according to the timescales quoted eighteen months ago by then EVP of Product Management, Engineering & Operations Adam Kovalevsky, the migration was already supposed to have finished late last year.

It seems the project had lost momentum by the time Wilson came on board last summer, but she insists that it’s now back on track, mainly because she sees real benefits from moving ahead with it. Already a significant number of customer instances have migrated across, although the largest, as was always the plan, will be the last to move, she tells me:

We started with moving customers that were only on our talent applications and now we’re adding customers that are also using learning. And in a month or two we’ll start with Employee Central. With each area we’re going with bigger and bigger schemas. So our largest customers, with the biggest footprints leveraging Employee Central, they’ll be moving to HANA later in the Fall.

I believe that we are now at 60% of customers [that were] on our BizX platform — 60% of customers on that stack have been migrated. So I think we have almost 3,000 customers that are running on HANA.

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