Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Consumers are increasingly buying everything online. Even though business buyers have not embraced e-commerce in the same pace, the eventual reality is that B2B e-commerce would replace traditional ordering channels such as phone and email. The 2015 Sana B2B E-commerce Monitor, an international survey of over 520 decision makers in e-commerce, shows that e-commerce should be the next sensible investment for any business.

Companies with a web store see their customer satisfaction levels rise, along with revenue and profitability. Everything moves faster with an e-commerce solution: the sales process, the order-to-cash cycle, transaction processing, etc. The Asia Pacific and The Middle East regions have not been very enthusiastic about adopting e-commerce. As a result, many companies from outside the region have captured a sizable part of these markets simply by having an accessible online presence. Local companies still lack a sense of urgency build their own e-commerce presence. The Monitor Report is a good benchmark for businesses in these regions to see where they stand amidst the “E-commerce Movement.”

Another insight from the Monitor is that IT-security, integration with their ERP-systems and the availability of real time ordering information are some of the key concerns for businesses when moving to e-commerce. “There is a problem of cold feet with companies,” says Sana Commerce CEO, Michiel Schipperus. “Companies also think their businesses aren’t suited for e-commerce, but in most cases they most certainly are.”

Specifically, when it comes to e-commerce, the manufacturing industry represents the biggest lag of all. Almost two thirds of the companies in this sector do not sell their products online. On the other hand, with B2B fashion companies and within the packaging sector, web stores are far more common.  40 percent of the manufacturing companies that do not have web shop now, say they will have invested in this area by 2017.

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