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Is AWS going after Microsoft Azure’s enterprise customers?

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Is AWS going after Microsoft Azure's enterprise customers?

Mark Ridley, group technology officer at Blenheim Chalcot (BC) discusses the relative fortunes of the two cloud giants

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is increasingly targeting enterprise users, having previously mostly served developers and smaller firms building websites.

With recent product launches including business intelligence tool QuickSight, database engine Aurora, unified communications tool Chime, and more recent updates to products like its Elastic Block Storage and its DynamoDB database, the play to grow amongst larger businesses is clear.

Ridley, a cloud-advocate who supports a range of businesses within the BC umbrella, explains that the enterprise market is the obvious next stop for AWS.

“AWS are a voracious company, so you’d have to look at traditional corporate IT as a huge opportunity for them. Look at Chime for instance, they wouldn’t have done that sort of thing before. They used to provide the building blocks for websites, but not stuff that runs your day to day operations. Then they released Amazon desktop, Workspaces, and started offering virtual desktop as a service.”

He continued: “But it’s natural if you’re Amazon with a deep capacity to deliver technology, that you’d start looking at where Microsoft has an advantage. Three years ago Microsoft looked like it was in a terrible place, but Nadella has completely turned it around. For me it’s one of the biggest turnarounds in any business. I fell out of love with Microsoft during the Ballmer years. He’s bit of a Trump.”

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