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AWS: Don’t be a SAP, get one of our massive HANA boxes

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Cloud-slinger trots out 4TB instances for in-memory databases

Amazon Web Services has released a new line of server options aimed at companies looking to run in-memory databases like SAP HANA in its cloud.

The Bezos-backed hosting house said the EC2 instances will each offer 4TB of dedicated DDR4 memory. The instances, given the catchy name x1e.32xlarge, are available in the US East (northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and EU (Ireland) regions.

AWS says the new instances can be bought on demand or reserved through the AWS Marketplace, Management Console, CLI, or through the use of its SDKs.

The 4TB instances are part of the AWS X1 line of server instances designed to handle in-memory and high-performance applications. In addition to being certified for SAP HANA, the X1 instances are designed for applications like Apache Spark and hardware-intensive high-performance compute tasks.

Each of the instances will run on Xeon E7 8880 chips, contain a pair of 1,920GB SSDs, and sport 14Gbps networking capacity to EBS storage and 25Gbps links to other instances running within a single placement group.

“Many of our customers are already running production SAP applications on the existing x1.32xlarge instances,” wrote AWS cloud evangelist Jeff Barr.

“With today’s launch, these customers can now store and process far larger data sets, making them a great fit for larger production deployments.”

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