Although Amazon Web Services is facing increasing pressure in the public cloud market, it would appear that many of its customers are more than happy to increase how much they spend with it.

Considered by the majority to be the leading public cloud vendors, AWS can take heart in the news that 48% of all IT and business executives responding to a 2nd Watch survey said that they plan to spend at least 10% more on a number of its cloud-native services in 2017.

These services include the likes of Amazon Kineses, Amazon redshift, Amaozn Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda.

The survey also found that 66% are now or will soon achieve expected return-on-investment from the use of these services.

It was found that 35% of respondents are planning to spend 10-20% more on these services than they did last year, while 13% said that they would spent 21-30% more. According to the survey this is because companies are realising the value of previous investments in cloud-related products and services.

The reasons given for wanting to spend more were given as 31% due to the opportunity to increase revenue, while 24% said that it would be an opportunity to decrease costs that would drive the decision.

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