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Australia’s IFC Logistics virtualises storage to prevent further outages

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Australian logistics firm moved to virtualised storage through a managed service after a serious outage

Australian transport supply chain services provider IFC Logisticshad long had all its information technology bundled into a self-managed datacentre, but a series of serious outages led it to move to a fully virtualised and automated managed service.

The company’s core business is freight forwarding and third-party logistics, meaning close to 100% uptime is crucial.

Phillip Beal, project manager at IFC Logistics, is responsible for all communications and technology within the business. He recently presided over a transition from on-premise IT to a managed service from Advantage Technology Solutions, a partner of hyper-converged infrastructure specialist Nutanix.

Beal inherited an ageing on-premise datacentre when he took on the role at IFC Logistics, and ran into problems with tech outages that affected the business. “We had a data entry system on-site in Melbourne that we had built ourselves,” says Beal.

But the Melbourne site had become outdated and was proving troublesome. “We had a couple of situations where we had huge problems with the IBM storage area networks,” he says. “First, the disks kept dying. We then kept getting controller failures, which were really frustrating. Because this was an end-of-life product, we had to pay a lot of money to stock parts for it.”

Another problem was the age of the staff providing service for the datacentre. Being young, they had a tendency to tinker with the system. “They liked to play a lot and bought a lot of stuff we didn’t need,” says Beal.

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