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Australia dials into IoT amid connectivity challenges

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The internet of things may have benefitted industries such as oil and gas, but issues such as connectivity are holding back adoption in Australia

Two in five Australian households now have at least one internet of things (IoT) device used to control or monitor everything from security to energy use.

By 2021, analyst firm Telsyte predicts that the average Australian home will have 14 IoT devices in operation, with the home IoT market expected to reach A$4.7bn (US$3.5bn) – a significant leap from A$377m last year.

While Australian home owners are proving to be enthusiastic IoT adopters, so too are some industries.

Take Woodside, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplier that inherited 200,000 sensors when it took full control of the Pluto LNG plant. While the sensors weren’t connected to the internet at first, they were collecting critical measurements.

To better predict when a problem called “foaming” was likely to occur, Woodside started a six week trial to connect Pluto’s 10,000 sensors to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, so it could schedule any remedial action without shutting down the plant.

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