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Astraia boosts cloud ERP offering with Acumatica

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Cape Town-based business solutions provider Astraia Technology has boosted its cloud-based solutions offering by partnering with Acumatica, a cloud ERP provider.

Astraia Technology has long been a leader in the provision of ERP and business management solutions, and its recent move into cloud-based solutions has been tremendously successful. Astraia’s well-tuned business, accounting and business operations expertise, complemented by its exceptional technological skills, has been the reason for this success.

Having the capacity to deliver solutions that require a solid business understanding, matched and supported by an equal technology skill set, has set Astraia Technology apart in the ERP space, and bringing Acumatica on board as a pure cloud-based ERP provider has extended Astraia Technology’s market reach considerably.

“Acumatica was designed for the cloud in the cloud,” explains David Bryant, CEO of Astraia Technology, “and it is a streamlined, flexible and very comprehensive ERP solution that delivers more than it says on the box.”

Acumatica delivers the solid ERP functionality that matters most in a South African or African context and has one of the most flexible licensing and deployment options on the market, which makes it very appealing. The product has a familiar look and feel, is highly customisable and has solutions for the service industry, wholesale distributions, manufacturing, retail and many other industries.


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